Beware the Ides of November

If you are or have been my employer, beware the Ides of November. I am likely to come on board or jump ship. This just occurred to me today, as it is my one year anniversary with the company I now work with, the one with five letters that starts with a V and in Latin means “I roll.” (There, I didn’t overstep the work me/personal me boundary).

In fact I forgot today had any career significance until I saw the congratulatory note from my manager, subject was “One year” – and I thought she was talking about the book I just read but then remembered that one was One Day . (To digress, you simply must read One Day, particularly if you graduated anywhere near the mid to late 80s early 90s). This is how my mind works. I get slightly sidetracked but then bring it all back around.

So, reverting back to that last thought, I realized that I have started new jobs in mid November, twice in fact on November 15- the last time being November 15, 1999 when I started as a reporter at a daily newspaper owned by Gannett (don’t get me started on the trappings of media conglomerates and how they skewer what you read..) Then in November 2000 I jumped to working for an insurance company, then in November 2006 I accepted a job with a major crane manufacturer whose name starts with M and is red. Again I have not divulged any identifying information.

There is probably some hidden meaning here that I can’t figure. Other than I hate winter and dark long days so maybe when the days get shorter, say around September/Octoberish, I get antsy and in need of a change.

I think I am average, in that I have had an average number  of “real” jobs – 6 in 15 years, and each is within the same trajectory – the communications/marketing arc that I guess I am on. Well I decided today that 15 years in a general field qualifies me as experienced and perhaps even an expert. But not a SME, because I am trying to rid my writing and my life of jargon.

On a somewhat related note I have also had more cars than jobs in the past 15 years. But just one husband. Which may be why I switch jobs, it is easier than swapping husbands and still gives me some degree of newness and excitement. So I guess it can be implied that the day I stay at a job longer than say 6 years, which is my historic max, may be the day I start scouting for a second spouse…..


About caffeineravings

I am fighting 40 with fierce opinions and fab obliques (thanks Ab Ripper X). I work in corporate communications where I make it my mission to wade through the mind-numbing business speak and tell employees in a few simple fresh words what they need to know. My blog is my place to rant about what gnaws me today. And to give my stream-of-conscious mind a little legroom...
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