My Art Every Day Challenge

This morning on a whim I signed up for the “Art Every Day Challenge” – where I  will be creating some type of piece (sorry no nudes or performance art here) and posting. And since it is art, it is open to interpretation and does not have to have a meaning or purpose. So in this contest it even includes cooking or sewing (but not for me, I don’t even do buttons I use my glue gun).

Art. just. is. But it could have a very profound meaning. It really can go either way, that is why art can be intimidating to so many people, me included. You see it and don’t know whether to be enraptured or to smugly dismiss. And artists are either eccentric or dark and brooding. So most people avoid art like plague…especially here in extreme rural south central Pennsylvania, which is so ironic considering a very famous modern sculptor resides less than ten miles from my house.

 I took one art history course in college, and it turned out to be my best class. So much so that I kept the 9 pound text that accompanied it and will on occasion pull it out to read.  My daughter God love her is an art major. It was her father’s worst fear come to life, but hearing her talk about her projects in progress and seeing her completed works make us terribly proud. I’d rather her study art than, say, elementary education or business. Her life will invariably be more personally robust and open to a much vaster world of connections, interesting people, and experiences.

So in November I will add my meager contributions to art for art’s sake. And I expect to enter December much creatively richer for my efforts.


About caffeineravings

I am fighting 40 with fierce opinions and fab obliques (thanks Ab Ripper X). I work in corporate communications where I make it my mission to wade through the mind-numbing business speak and tell employees in a few simple fresh words what they need to know. My blog is my place to rant about what gnaws me today. And to give my stream-of-conscious mind a little legroom...
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